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Hon Raymond K Moi, On Behalf of the entire Moi Family

The family of former President Moi would like to take this opportunity to express our utmost gratitude for the love and respect you have showed Mzee and our family during Mzee’s hospitalization. Your care for his well being comforted us and kept us strong until his final moment. May God bless you mightily. Thank you. Asante

I can now take part in family conversations around the table. I used to miss so much of the conversation before… I had started to just not bother trying to communicate. I now go to social functions and am able to enjoy parties. Last Saturday my wife was really surprised to see me take to the dance floor after so long. I had been so nervous about how I would look wearing a hearing aid. The cosmetics of what you have given me are so good. I now realize that the advantages I have gained are far more important than the cosmetic concerns I had.I don’t even think many people have noticed that I am wearing something… and even if they do, I am not bothered about it anymore. I was so confident about coming to you because I was told you were not just going to try and sell to me. You have really explained features and advantages of wearing hearing aids well to me. You have also taken a lot of time to ensure that I am doing well and benefiting from my hearing aid.
M Vadera
Dear Seema, Thank you. Mzee M is over the moon. “I can now hear the birds sing!!! And use the mobile telephone.” You have opened a new world to him. So thank you from me too. Love,
Mr Charles Njonjo
Njonjo and Bachubhai

Seema with Hon Charles Njonjo and S.V Bachubhai Shah

Thank you so much for your report and also thank you for the very detailed examination - I found it most useful. You were most gracious and it was also my pleasure to meet you.
Andrea Matte-Baker
My Mother, is so fond of you. You have really improved her life.
Mrs Dunford
Mike Eldon

Mr Mike Eldon, Chairman and Lead Consultant of The DEPOT (The Dan Eldon Place Of Tomorrow)

Article Published in the Business Daily: ...Seema Rupani Shah, an audiologist and hearing aid consultant whom I have been visiting. Her concern for my wellbeing, for having me get the very best possible solution to my beginnings of a hearing challenge, was overwhelming. She just couldn’t do enough to make me feel comfortable, to help me understand every step she was taking, to encourage me to get in touch any time I needed further assistance, to deliver optimal value for money....

Dear Seema, A heartfelt thank you to you for your brilliance with my mother and the hearing aids. We have just had a lovely evening chatting with a friend and the difference in her hearing is amazing and she is so enjoying herself.    How amazing it is!
Amanda Acland
David Mutiso

Seema Shah with David Mutiso (the first architect in Kenya, town planner and designer of the Kenya International Conference Centre)

My Son and I are so delighted that Ronnie can now be part of conversations, he can be more social. Yesterday we were at a tea party and I could hear the conversation and respond and take part. I am absolutely delighted with what you have done.
Mrs Boy for Ronald Boy
Dear Seema, A note to say thank you to you for looking after my brother-in-law last week. With his type of autism, he is always nervous being out of his comfort zone and Nairobi is not his favorite place.  In fact it taken a lot of legwork to get him to agree to this trip to Nairobi. He is extremely happy and proud of his new hearing aid.  A lot more comfortable too. I enjoyed listening to some of your experiences with children  and I have shared this with my colleague, who may get in touch with you for some advise. If ever you are in Arusha, it would be a pleasure to host you. Warm regards

HON Moody Awori, The Former Vice President of Kenya

It's a privelege to have met you. You like your father who I respect so much are wonderful. May you be blessed!

Dear Seema, Thank you so much for the lovely way you cared for and treated my mother-in-law, Mary Ashe, when Rosemary and I brought her in to you on 19 November. We were both so impressed by the understanding you showed towards her limitations and needs.   Back at Disney we observed that, instead of sitting isolated in her own silence during communal lunches, she was actively taking part. The day after receiving her new hearing aids, when we arrived in the morning, we found that she had fitted them herself without any trouble. With our grateful thanks and warmest good wishes,
Neil and Rosemay
Dear Seema, Thank you very much for your kind birthday wishes and the evaluation report. Yes, hearing better again was Liliana’s nicest birthday present. We wish to thank you very much for taking such good care of her allowing her now to be part of all happenings again! She really enjoys life much more again. Being a foreigner in a foreign country meant a lot to us to find such an excellent service. We felt very comfortable. Thank you and kind regards.
Liliana and Emil Schmid

Seema with the Former President of Kenya, H.E Daniel Arap Moi

Dear Ms Seema, Many thanks for your mail and hearing test information. The repaired hearing aid is a great improvement and I look forward to getting the new one. I was very impressed with the way you dealt with my problems and am most grateful for the help I was given at your clinic. With Kind Regards,
Patricia Weimar
Cristina Boelke

Cristina Boelcke, Vice Chair, Karura Forest

Today I could have a meeting in windswept Karura without any problems. I am getting along famously. Thank You

I don’t need anyone to accompany me because I feel more confident. My friends notice that I am much more interactive and I am included in my Bowls game.
Seamus Burnes
Thank you Seema and staff. Thank you for your very compassionate and caring help to us who have been fortunate enough to know about you. We also spread news of your good works as far and as wide as we can.  God bless you.
Gilly Smith

Dr Aziz Bhaloo, HE Aga Khan's Former Representative to Kenya

Fantastic! And thank you for being in Kenya (I can truly say I can work because of you)

I would strongly recommend my friends and relatives to attend this clinic. Seema and her staff are absolutely thorough and encouraging!
Nirmala Chauhan
My mother really has been feeling so much better since the aids you fitted. My good friend Raouf Chorbachi, Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital, told me to send mum to you when he realised mum lived in Kenya. I worked with him as a cleft surgeon and he spoke highly of you.  So, I really wanted to thank you for helping and being so patient with mum.
Apul Parikh
Zool Nimji

Mr Zool Nimji

Dear Seema, Had the pleasure to meet your dad today. A delightful man who has served humanity for over 35years. I told him he must be very proud of you since you are also making a difference to people's lives. May God bless you!!

Dear Seema, Thank you for the excellent work you did for me.  I hear BETTER one to one than I ever remember hearing and it makes such a difference to be able to follow conversations and take part in them!  This is my big Christmas present.  I will surely come back to you if more adjusting becomes necessary.  Blessings on you and your family.
Sr. Margie Conroy (Religious of the Sacred Heart)
Thank you for the very comfortable and enlightening consultation . It was a pleasure to meet you too , and the best decision I've made in a long time
Harun Mohamed
Ulf Aschan

Mr Ulf Aschan

Hearing aids have definitely helped me. I can hear the birds again. And I do hear people who mumble much better now

I am so happy to have this hearing aid from Dr Seema. I bought these 3years ago and it is really healing my life and wife! I wear them from 7am to 10pm. Its unbelievable how much they have improved my life. The quality of the hearing aid is amazing and the Bluetooth allows me to use the phone and listen to music.
Ravichand Shah
I don’t understand people who don’t want a hearing aid
Dicky Detrie
Rajni Shah

Mr Rajni Shah

By using the hearing aids provided by Ms. Seema Shah, my general everyday life and activities has improved a lot & I feel more confident in my approach with people whether at meetings or other gatherings. Thank you very much Seema. You are a wonderful person

Thank you Seema for your excellent consultation and kindness yesterday. Paul is enjoying his hearing aids and is very grateful for all your kind attention. Best wishes
Alice Capstick
My social life has changed, as I had difficulty in hearing and now I can enjoy time with family and friends. My love for music has revamped and my attitude to life has changed as hearing and expressing clearly improves one’s mood and lifestyle
Vimal Shah

Mr John Golds

I am delighted with my hearing aids. I can hear much better at board meetings. I realized how many birds there were outside my home in the morning. The TV volume came down too.

Dad was very happy with your service,he said they were not as thorough in India! 🙂
Kanan for Mr Patani
It’s made a big difference to my life especially with family and there are not may things that make such a difference such as this.
Nick Paterson

Ruth Rabb

You are special Seema

Seema has been bestowed with the prestigious Presidential National Award of Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear (Jamhuri Day Honours 2021) by HE The President Uhuru Kenyatta and The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. She has been recognized for Clinical & Professional Excellence and contribution to the lives of people living with hearing loss, and prevention of disability, at local, national and international levels.


It’s a privilege to have met you. You, like your Father who I respect so much are wonderful. May you be blessed, Uncle Moody.

HON Moody Awori, Former Vice-President of Kenya

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