Hearing Aids

It’s about improving your quality of life….. and not just giving you a hearing aid

With the correct Aural Rehabilitation service, Hearing aids can help you live a higher quality life through better hearing and understanding. We aim to use hearing aids to connect you to people and things you love.
Hearing aids differ in Design (what the hearing aid looks like) and Technology (the special digital sound processing capabilities).
What a hearing aid looks like tells you very little about how it functions or whether it is correct for you. Our skill is ensuring that we choose the correct design, hardware and software and set it up so that it is personalized to your hearing and lifestyle needs. We provide the finest technology in the world and back it up with an efficient service so that you know you can get the most out of it. Our aim is to ensure we support you all the way and help you improve your quality of life.

Designs of Hearing Aids

In The Canal Hearing Aids

These are custom made units made completely to the size of your ear. They could be very tiny and go deep into your ear canal or can be larger to sit just out at the edge of your ear. Typically, in the canal type of instruments will need more maintenance and need a good manual dexterity to operate and keep clean.

Over The Ear Hearing Aids

This sit either on top of the ear or just behind the ear. They can range from the practically invisible Receiver in Canal units with very thin wires that enter your ear to larger Behind the Ear units which can be easy to handle and robust in their performance.

Hearing Aid Technology

There are many features which make up the sophistication of hearing aids. We will guide you on what is appropriate for you. Our aim is to make the hearing aid functionality as seamless as possible so that you can focus on communicating whilst the hearing aid works automatically in the background.

CHANNELS: This can be likened to the resolution of the hearing aid. Each channel processes a range of sound frequencies individually. Therefore, a single channel hearing aid will process all hearing frequencies in the hearing aid in the same way. The more the channels, the more specifically a hearing aid can be programmed across the frequency range. Currently hearing aids range from having 1 to 20 channels.

BACKGROUND NOISE MANAGEMENT: Logic is built into the hearing aid to cancel out noise that may be interfering with the understanding of speech. For example, the hearing aid may reduce the sound of a drill nearby leaving the listener to concentrate on more important speech sounds.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Some hearing aids are able to store information on how the hearing aid has been used. This helps the hearing aid audiologist to fine tune the hearing aid optimally and get better results quicker. For example, if the hearing aid has recorded that the volume had to constantly be turned up, the audiologist may be able to improve the overall amplification of the aid. 

PROGRAMMES: Various listening situations that we encounter require a different amplification strategy. For example, although you may need a flat frequency response when at a concert, you would need the hearing aid to focus on speech frequencies when listening to friends talking at a party. Each programme on the hearing aid allows you to change the response of the hearing aid based on the listening situation you are in. Many of the hearing aids we fit have the capability of automatically changing the programme based on the environment you are in. Today’s hearing aids can analyse the environment more than 5 million times per second to make intelligent decisions on which automatic programme to use.

AUTOMATIC DIRECTIONALITY: These hearing aids will constantly analyse the environment to automatically select the best sound processing strategy to use. For example, where they detect that the hearing aid wearer is speaking to someone in front of them and there is a lot of other conversation happening around, they would switch automatically to the directional microphone mode.

FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT: This feature helps to eliminate the whistling sound that was very common in the old analogue hearing aids. In digital hearing aids, whistling can occur e.g. if the hearing aid is loose or if something is put close to the ear. The feedback manager actively works to cancel out this feedback.

RECHARGEABLE HEARING AIDS: Rechargeable Hearing aids have built in batteries that can be charged, you don’t have to worry about changing batteries anymore. These robust and hassle free hearing aids are easy to use and quick to charge. 

BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Hearing aids can connect wirelessly with mobile phones, televisions, tablets and other audio devices allowing you to effortlessly connect to the world around you. Hearing aids with Bluetooth allow you to hear your best while you watch TV, talk on your smartphone, Stay connected at work, listen to music and use your favorite apps  

MOBILE APPS: Most of today’s hearing aids come with smartphone applications, allowing you to make adjustment to your hearing aids so that you can hear optimally in different situations. These apps can also act as Volume Control for your wireless TV Streamers and can help you monitor battery life.

HEARING AID ACCESSORIES: There is a wide range of hearing aid accessories designed to boost the performance of your hearing aids and keep you connected in different listening situations. Whether it’s listening in a noisy environment, at a distance, or while watching TV. Ask us about what we have available. 

ADAPTATION/EXPERIENCE LEVEL MANAGER: All users need some time to get used to their hearing aids. Quite often, patients find it useful to be eased into amplification. Therefore, experience levels can be set so that the user gradually achieves the full amplification and sound processing over a period of time.

FREQUENCY COMPRESSION: Enjoy a fuller spectrum of audible sounds. This feature makes high pitched sounds, which are normally difficult to hear even with amplification, more audible

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Price Guide

“Your hearing… priceless”

Initial consultations vary depending on the range of tests that are required to assess the status of your hearing. We believe in a complete service and therefore our price for any hearing aids will include the fitting, programming, aural rehabilitation and ongoing support during the warranty period.
A trial period of 21 days is offered on high end digital products. Should you decide not to go ahead with the purchase then refund, less an administration fee, will be made to you. The cost of a hearing device depends on the technology. Digital hearing aids are getting more intelligent, sleeker in design and more miniaturised. Generally, the more features in a hearing aid and the newer the technology, the more expensive the hearing aid.

A 1 year manufacturer’s warranty is offered on all digital products. This warranty covers the product for 1 years from the date of purchase against any defects in fitting, material and manufacture. Should any such defects arise we will adjust, repair or replace the hearing aid free of charge

Seema has been bestowed with the prestigious Presidential National Award of Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear (Jamhuri Day Honours 2021) by HE The President Uhuru Kenyatta and The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. She has been recognized for Clinical & Professional Excellence and contribution to the lives of people living with hearing loss, and prevention of disability, at local, national and international levels.

It’s a privilege to have met you. You, like your Father who I respect so much are wonderful. May you be blessed, Uncle Moody.

HON Moody Awori, Former Vice-President of Kenya

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