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Seema Shah

Audiological Scientist & Hearing Aid Consultant
Seema Shah– Audiological Scientist & Hearing Aid Consultant, is the daughter of renowned ENT surgeon, Mr Harish Rupani from Nairobi, Kenya. Her interest in the field of hearing and speech started early on in her school days when she would help her father at charity camps in Kenya. Mr Rupani was instrumental in starting the first Hearing Centre recognised by Hearing International in Kenya and Seema was exposed to some of the leading professionals in the world even before she started her University.

Seema achieved her BSc in Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation, ranking at the top of the University. She was recognised by her professors as someone with remarkable clinical aptitude and professionalism. Her patients had already started commenting on the sensitivity she showed, the simplicity with which she explained things and the infectious positivity and motivation she displayed. Seema went on to gain a distinction in the MSc in Audiological Science at the University of London.

Seema has worked and studied at some of the most prestigious Institutions in the world. Her experience in the UK includes hospitals such as the Royal National Throat Nose & Ear, National Hospital for Neurology & Neurotology, and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

She has contributed unconditionally to the development of Audiology services in some of the poorest countries. Seema is a Trustee of respected charitable, global organisations such as the Impact Foundation and the Hearing Conservation Council. She is also on the Executive Committee of WWHearing, a Geneva based NGO affiliated with the World Health Organisation. Seema has conducted many workshops to train doctors and nurses in Audiology and has written a manual ‘Practical Audiology’. She has been invited to the University of Nairobi as an examiner and has lectured on Hearing Aids. She has also helped set up Audiology services in Kenya, Ethiopia and more recently, Zanzibar. She has also helped schools for the deaf in East Africa.

Seema is married and has two lovely daughters who keep her on her toes.

Seema speaks fluent Gujarati and Hindi and can conduct consultations in these languages if required.
"People have their own special needs. I dedicate myself to helping each one of you individually with your hearing loss. The challenge is to obtain just the solution that works for you. Making the difference in your life is the most rewarding part of my job."
Dr Rupani Profile - SNR Hearing

Dr Harish Rupani

Ear, Nose and Throat and Head & Neck Surgeon
Dr Harish Rupani is a highly qualified Ear Nose Throat Consultant and Head & Neck Surgeon with a wealth of experience and a global reputation for excellence. He is well known for his clinical acumen and impeccable, up to date, surgical techniques. His flourishing practice in Nairobi includes Presidents, Diplomats and highly influential members of society.

In spite of this, he has a record of selfless service to the needy. He established the very first non profit hearing centre in Kenya as well as the first terminal cancer care centre in Nairobi. He is advising Ministries of various countries in Africa on the set up of ENT and Hearing Services. He personally conducts training and free ear surgeries in Kenya, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Uganda and Malawi.

Beyond ENT, he serves many projects such as prevention of disability, street children rehabilitation and nutrition improvement. He is the Founder of Impact East Africa. He has been recognised as an outstanding citizen and is a recipient of the Silver Star of Kenya Award from the President of Kenya.

Seema has been bestowed with the prestigious Presidential National Award of Moran of the Order of the Burning Spear (Jamhuri Day Honours 2021) by HE The President Uhuru Kenyatta and The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. She has been recognized for Clinical & Professional Excellence and contribution to the lives of people living with hearing loss, and prevention of disability, at local, national and international levels.


It’s a privilege to have met you. You, like your Father who I respect so much are wonderful. May you be blessed, Uncle Moody.

HON Moody Awori, Former Vice-President of Kenya

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