Helping Children Build Their Future – Fortune, 16yrs



My name is Fortune a Student in Lang’ata high school for three years. My reason is to thank you so very much for the hearing aids.

I have really suffered a lot for the past previous years because of my hearing. I have always struggled up trying to use my ears but it has always been challenging for me. On the other side at school and at home my ears have always drag me back no matter how hard I try. Studying in school was one of my biggest challenges I have ever experienced, I believe you can imagine all the great diligence I have put to try to listen to what the teachers have been teaching.

Now that I have this new system of hearing I feel like I am in a dream come true, this has just been a blessing for me. I believe that now I shall excel in my studies thanks to you for all your support. One day God shall reward you back for all your goodness to me and everyone. I am happy for all that you have done for me, thank you very much. God Bless

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