Setting Up Ear Care And Audiology Services In Addis Ababa – Kindernothilfe Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Dr Rupani and Seema have have been instrumental in setting up Ear care and Audiology services in Addis Ababa. Seema herself has made 3 visits to Addis Ababa, conducting hearing services, training local staff and donating equipment.

“We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Miss Seema Rupani (Shah) for organizing the audiology workshops. The 30 participants were ENT & Eye doctors, and nurses who are directly involved in deafness preventive services in government hospitals here in Ethiopia…”

– Mr Lilay Michael, Child & Family Affairs Department Head, EOC, Ethiopia

Nafikahedi – the girl who said her name for the first time, whose voice was heard for the first time after getting a hearing aid
Seema fitting a young boy with Hearing Aids
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