Trustee Of The Impact Foundation, Advisor On Making Hearing Aids And Hearing Aids Maintenance Affordable And Accessible

I truly value your contribution to the prevention and reversal of hearing loss through IMPACT, Hearing Conservation Council, World Wide Hearing and in other ways…– Claire Hicks, Former CEO, Impact UK

Seema is on the Board of Trustees of the Impact Foundation (UK) which assists globally to prevent disability. She strongly believes in the development of solutions that help make hearing care more affordable and accessible in developing countries. She believes that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and hence the absolute belief that Impact is doing a wonderful job in its quest to prevent disability.

School Health Monitor program

“Dearest Seema,
Thank you so much for giving of your time so generously for IMPACT.  We greatly appreciate your advice and expertise and know that together, we can help break through the sound barrier for many people in developing countries …”

-Claire Hicks, former CEO and Trustee of Impact Foundation

Seema has been using her expertise to provide advice on the Affordable Hearing Aid Project which is aiming at providing cost effective hearing aids to developing countries. She is also a supporter of the solar battery charger developed by Impact. Lack of batteries is often a major reason for discontinuing use of hearing aid. Batteries can be expensive and not readily available in developing countries. Seema has been instrumental in the:


Dr Rupani is the Founder of Impact East Africa which has disability prevention projects in Kibwezi, Mwea and Embu districts. It covers hundreds of schools in the School Health Monitor Projects, Home Gardens, Mother and Baby clinics, Dairy Cow and Fish Farm projects etc.


I cannot tell you how much we appreciate all your personal input to IMPACT’s work and greatly look forward to a long and fulfilling partnership.

-Judi Stagg, CEO, Impact UK

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