Lavandah Omondi

My name Lavandah Adhiambo Omondi,  I am 22 years old student at Catholic University of Eastern Africa pursuing Diploma in Library and Information Science. I come from a family of four and am the second born. Three of us are hearing impaired. We lived at Kibera with our single mum. Our dad passed away in 2009 and from there life became too difficult for us since my mum was jobless.

My future goal is to continue with my studies and further my education to obtain a Master’s Degree and advance my career for new opportunities and potentially be an Entrepreneur in the future.

Thank you Seema Shah, SNR Hearing Centre for the services you offered me, I was provided with free hearing test checkup, free removal of wax, free cleaning of hearing aid. I was provided with free batteries and finest Phonak digital Hearing Aids. I appreciate you so much Seema Shah for your love and care, and your kindness has really touched my heart beyond words.

Thank you so much for supporting me with this Hearing Aid. It will totally change my communication with people, especially my career and entire life. Thank you so much for considering me. I really appreciate, God Bless You.

Yours Faithfully

Lavendah Adiambo Omondi

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